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            Cellular Immunotherapy: Challenges and Potential Solutions

            18th August 2020
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            An Analysis of the Cellular Immunotherapy Landscape for Cancer

            20th June 2020
            Types of cellular immunotherapy:  Cellular immunotherapies involve modifying autologous or allogeneic immune cells through genetic engineering or modulation of the protein expression profile, then...
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            A Patient-Reported Outcomes Analysis Of Lanreotide In The Treatment Of NETs Patients With Carcinoid Syndrome

            11th November 2019
            The purpose of this analysis of patient-reported outcomes from the ELECT (Evaluation of Lanreotide Depot/Autogel Efficacy and Safety as a Carcinoid Syndrome Treatment) trial (NCT00774930) was to...
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            Valuing Pharmaceutical Assets: When to Use NPV vs rNPV

            15th October 2019
            Preview: A variety of approaches have been developed to evaluate pharmaceutical assets, but two similar yet distinct methods are most commonly used. Venture capitalists and large investment firms...
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            Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapy Landscape

            24th September 2019
            Adeno-associated viruses (AAV) are virus particles composed of single-stranded DNA surrounded by a protein shell. Despite their simple structure, recombinant AAVs (rAAV) can perform the important...
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            Pharma Due Diligence: General Guidance & Common Pitfalls

            23rd August 2019
            The Basics Due diligence, the formal exercise of quantifying risks and confirming value, has been described as “Art meets Science” and there’s a lot of truth in that. To some, it’s simply a question...
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            FDA Expedited Programs for Cancer Drug Development: Don’t Believe the Doubters

            16th August 2019
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            Pharmaceutical Patent Term Extension: An Overview

            27th March 2019
            Pharmaceutical Patent Term Extension: An Overview About the authors: Scott Whittaker is an Alacrita Associate and Robert Johnson is Managing Partner of the firm’s Boston office. Anthony Walker is a...
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            Pharmaceutical Probability of Success

            19th October 2018
            Abstract: Critical strategic decisions are made based on valuation models of pharmaceutical assets. Of the many assumptions that underpin a valuation model, probability of success is a key input, but...
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            Leveraging Diagnostics to Realize the Full Potential of Precision Oncology

            07th July 2017
            As we approach the twentieth anniversary of the approval of Herceptin, the field of precision oncology has never been more exciting or dynamic, and utility seems to be broadly recognized. Precision...
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            Commercialization of Cellular Immunotherapies

            07th May 2016
            Commercialization of Cellular Therapies Biochemical Society Transactions Apr 11, 2016,44(2)329-332; DOI: 10.1042/BST20150240 Abstract Successful commercialization of a cell therapy requires more than...
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            What's wrong with NPV valuations?

            26th October 2015
            Risk-adjusted NPV is Notoriously Fallible Over at least the past decade, risk-adjusted Net Present Value (rNPV) has emerged as the de facto standard for valuing pharmaceutical R&D projects (1,2)....
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