New Product Planning

As the demands of the pharmaceutical market rise, and new products challenge established principles, it is more important than ever that product strategies meet the needs of providers, payers and patients. Innovations in oncology and immunology are challenging the concept of an approved indication, curative gene and cell therapies are changing payment models, and specialty pharmaceuticals are evolving the supply chain. Alacrita’s commercial consultants bring first-hand experience across a broad range of products and diseases, to help our clients define and execute successful product strategies.

The payer environment for innovative therapies is also becoming increasingly competitive. Leverage our team’s industry experience in pharmaceutical market access, market research and strategic planning. We will work with you to map a clear path towards optimized access and value-based pricing for your new products. Alacrita’s expert network also offers you access to senior Medical Affairs experience, which we have used to help clients drive alignment at the commercial and medical interface.

We will help you to build a strategic plan that maximizes your drug's potential:

  • Target market definition and customer segmentation
  • Patient journey and treatment leverage points
  • KOL advisory boards and advocacy plans
  • Market input to POC and pivotal clinical trials
  • Differentiation and product positioning
  • Disease burden and product value proposition
  • Payer market research in US and EU to drive pricing strategy
  • Cost-benefit, budget impact, and HECON input to trials and registries
  • Disease and brand communication strategy
  • Indications sequencing and product lifecycle strategy


Featured Case Study: payer research in metastatic breast cancer


An established US biotech, aware of the importance of incorporating market access factors into clinical trial design, wanted to conduct strategic research for a novel advanced breast cancer therapy about to enter Phase II trials.


We developed hypotheses from research of the current market for breast cancer therapies, focusing particularly on labels and clinical trial designs for recently launched products.

Based on two scenarios for the product’s performance, our market access consultants conducted a series of interviews with payers and key opinion leaders in the USA, Germany, France, Spain and the UK.

The key objective was to understand the extent to which health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) data would be valued by payers in each scenario and exactly what kinds of HEOR data would be useful, for example, mobility, pain, QoL metrics preferred by payers, caregiver burden and any other patient reported outcomes. We also explored the broader market access environment in advanced breast cancer.

Our findings informed the design of Phase II trials, ensuring that the differentiation elements perceived and valued by payers were adequately captured.