Licensing & deal-making services

We support clients with their in-licensing and out-licensing processes, taking a flexible approach and tailoring our service to dovetail with the client’s internal capabilities and activities. Where a client does not have internal business development capabilities, we can take full responsibility for out-licensing mandates. Our typical process consists of the following steps:

  • working with the client to define the partnering strategy, and to agree on objectives
  • review client data to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and, where gaps are identified, work with the client to conduct additional studies
  • perform a comprehensive search for prioritization of prospective partners. These are filtered and ranked based on their technical fit
  • develop an approach strategy for each prospective partner, based on our relationships and knowledge of the company
  • work with the client to implement the outreach strategy
  • facilitate access to confidential data, through a CDA and virtual dataroom (we have a preferred relationship with Intralinks)
  • coordinate the communication between prospective partners and our client, and support negotiations of non-binding term sheets (we lead negotiations if requested)
  • coordinate final negotiations and deal completion

Featured Case Study: Out-licensing of a Phase II pharmaceutical asset


A public biotech company with a portfolio of clinical stage assets needed to supplement its internal business development capabilities to find a worldwide licensing partner for a Phase II asset.


Alacrita provided full business development support to the company. We conducted an extensive and systematic analysis to develop a long list of potential partners for the asset, prioritized by the commercial fit, including therapeutic area capabilities, existing product portfolio and financial strength. For each partner, we identified the right, senior level business development contact (if we didn’t already have contacts in the company).

In parallel, we worked with the client to optimize and refine the partnering materials. This including a succinct non-confidential two-pager, a non-confidential presentation and a confidential electronic dataroom with preclinical, clinical and other data.

We then reached out to the prospective partners, hosted introductory telephone calls, coordinated CDAs, managed dataroom Q&A and moved a number of parties to termsheet. A deal was signed 12 months from initiation of the engagement, and the client asked us to help with partnering of another of its assets.

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