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            Chris Owens

            Chris Owens, PhD

            Senior Consultant

            Chris brings 16 years of drug development and life sciences consulting expertise to Alacrita.

            Professional Background

            Chris is a Senior Consultant supporting a range of partnering and business development assignments. His experience includes market opportunity assessments, competitive landscape analyses, drug market modeling, technical feasibility, pipeline opportunity and commercial attractiveness assessments, Gap analyses, strategic development planning, and identification of strategic alliances for biotech and pharma to facilitate in-licensing and out-licensing of various technologies. Prior to Alacrita, Chris has 13 years of experience building and leading teams of scientists in research activities supporting target identification, cell-based and biochemical assay development, compound and CRISPR screening, AAV and lentiviral vectors, and lead identification and optimization that led to INDs and Phase 1 clinical trials for three separate small molecule drug programs. Chris has consulted for big pharma, startups and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies for 2.5 years.

            Chris has a Ph.D. in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics from Harvard University, an M.M.Sc. from Harvard Medical School (an education encompassing the first two years of Medical School), and a B.A. in Biochemistry from Knox College. While at Harvard University, he co-discovered TRIM5α in rhesus macaques as a potent post-entry inhibitor of HIV infection. Over the years, he has been listed as an inventor on three patent applications, authored eight peer-reviewed publications in leading medical journals, and given fifteen conference presentations to top scientists in his field.

            Current Projects

            • For several biopharma companies, conducted asset search and evaluation with a focus on oncology, fibrosis, Parkinson’s, women’s health, and infectious disease therapeutic areas. Key activities included identification of potential industry partners, early stage assets for in-licensing, co-development or acquisition opportunities, mapping of key company contacts, and attending partnering and scientific conferences to solicit partnering interest.
            • For a private institution, developed a preclinical and regulatory Gap analysis for an AAV-delivered gene therapy, with the ultimate goal of a Newco spinout. Conducted a thorough analysis of the genetic construct, identified development and regulatory risks, and recommended mitigation strategies to guide the next steps of development for the asset.
            • For a private biotech company, developed an oncology drug market model for the purpose of determining the added value of a novel drug in combination with existing marketed therapies to mitigate loss of revenue in a competitive market with waning IP protection.
            • For a public, mid-sized pharmaceutical company developing small molecule therapies in the infectious disease space, conducted indication opportunity assessments to guide the selection of a new therapeutic area by the executive team. The assessment included an analysis of the competitive market, regulatory path, commercial attractiveness, technical feasibility, and market opportunity.
            • For a private venture capital firm seeking a strategic development plan for a new portfolio company, evaluated the technical feasibility, commercial attractiveness, and therapeutic area prioritization for the Newco’s oncology small molecule asset.


            • Harvard University, Ph.D. in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
            • Harvard Medical School, M.M.Sc. in Medical Science
            • Knox College, B.A. in Biochemistry


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