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            Alacrita actively seeks individuals with outstanding expertise in fields within our core strategic interests to join our growing team as Partners, Associate Consultants or as Associates/Functional Specialists within our Expert Network.

            Partners typically have more than 20 years of life science experience in large pharma or biotech with significant leadership roles and are considered experts in their particular discipline. For more information on partnership, please send us an email.

            Additionally, if you have an exceptional track record including at least 15 years of senior industry or consulting experience and would like to be considered for life science consulting assignments as an associate within our expert network, please select either Functional Specialist or Experienced Management Consultant below and submit your details so we can learn more about your capabilities.

            Occasionally Alacrita brings on new full-time Associate Consultants who work exclusively through Alacrita and enjoy a number of benefits, including the support of Alacrita’s Partners, access to our global network of consultants and the opportunity to leverage our administrative functions.


            Open Position: Associate Consultant

            Alacrita currently has an exciting, entry-level opportunity in biopharma consulting for an enthusiastic, inquisitive, and entrepreneurial hard worker.

            ??? Click here to learn more or to apply.


            Functional specialists
            • >15 years of industry experience in highly regarded and reputable organizations. We prefer a mix of both big pharma and biotech experience.
            • >10 years specialism in a field that is aligned with our services. Our current hiring priorities are business development, regulatory affairs and commercialization.
            • Exceptional personal track record and reputation.
            • Crisp, clear and compelling communication style.
            • Intending to be an industry consultant for >3 years
            • You could be working in industry, but want to do some consulting work in parallel
            • Location – global
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            Experienced Management Consultants
            • >5 years in a highly regarded consulting firm
            • >5 years of relevant pharma or biotech industry experience
            • >3 year commitment to a consulting career
            • Full-time or part-time (you may be working in industry, but want to do some consulting work in parallel)
            • Location – global
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