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            Pharma Expert Network

            Alacrita’s expert network is made up of more than 700+ senior pharmaceutical industry consultants, fully supported and with a global reach.

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              Pharma Expert Network

              Alacrita offers one of the largest networks of pharmaceutical industry leaders who have operated across the spectrum of life sciences. Our network is carefully vetted and fully supported by our core team.

              Each of our consultants combines extensive industry experience, broad functional capabilities and a track record of success.

              Alacrita offers experts who work across the spectrum of life sciences, in early through late phase clinical development, regulatory, and CMC. In addition, we have capabilities to support projects in pharmacovigilance, clinical operations, supply chain and manufacturing compliance. We cover several sectors of the life sciences industry including pharma, biotech, cell therapy, diagnostics, personalized medicine, medical devices, OTC/self care and nutrition.

              ? 200+ Projects Per Year   ? 65% Repeat Business   ? 97% Client Satisfaction

              A snapshot of our network:

              • 200+ MDs globally. The majority of our MDs are Clinical Development Experts, while others specialize in Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety.
              • 50+ MDs with expertise in Oncology, including highly-trained oncologists and other practitioners with clinical development expertise gained through previous industry positions.
              • 40+ experts with regulatory affairs experience, including senior regulatory affairs leaders and experts as well as MDs with regulatory expertise.
              • 90+ experts with CMC expertise.

              Although more than 75% of Alacrita projects are in oncology and rare disease, we have worked across many therapeutic areas.


              Our experts are fully vetted and ready for on-demand projects. For more information on how we may assist you with your project, please fill out the form below.